Mission Statement

In our quest for excellence, Unipenta Sdn Bhd is committed to nurturing a culture conducive to the development of a dynamic and robust company focused on economic goals as well as social responsibility. In Unipenta, we promote these values :-
  • Unity – We pull together in the same direction with the same vision.
  • Professionalism – We work industriously, intelligently, responsibly and independently.
  • Principles – We pursue the proper course of action. We are diligent in the performance of our action. These actions that we pursue are beneficial to the company.
  • Advancement and Growth – We create an environment that encourages continuous learning as a key aspect of mutual development.
  • Transparency – We are open and willing to discuss all issues at all levels.
  • Results Orientated – We set clear objectives, realistic goals and measurable results.

is a stable united foundation.

resting on this foundation represents dedicated people working professionally within our defined principles. The progressive forward slant and clear background depicts the growth advancement and transparency. The complete picture is our statement of the set of values we promote to achieve the result we desire.

Board Of Directors

Dato’ Ab Aziz Bin Khudri

Ar. Intan Jasmine Tan Sri Ismail

Abdul Aziz Datuk Mohd Kaus

Muhammad Abdullah Hafidz Bin Harris

Lee Chee Ngai
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